Six Month Coaching / Group Mastermind Program

We offer a comprehensive six-month coaching program comprised of a total of 23 sessions. It begins with an opening group mastermind and is following be two sessions per week during the first month. Each mastermind is structured so that the members act as your board of directors, asking you questions and challenging your assertions just as you act as a member of theirs. Then, during the private coaching sessions, I lead you through a structured program that exams and challenges every aspect of your life. Remember, success in business isn’t an isolated affair. If you are faltering in your personal life, you will feel it in your business life. This program is unlike any other business coaching you’ve been through. It’s holistic and it’s challenging. Are you ready to meet the challenge and take your business to the next level?

Personal Mentoring

Our personal mentoring program is very limited because it’s exclusive to working with the founder only. Unlike other operations where you are delegated out to one of their “trained” coaches; in this program, you are working exclusively with me. Here’s the difference. I started as an entrepreneur right out of the service and became a millionaire before I was thirty. I lost it due to a partnership gone bad migrating over to the corporate world where I rose quickly through the ranks becoming the VP of R&D for Spectra-Physics in just a few short years. By the end of the 1990’s, I was running a large development team out of Atlanta, GA., and in 2000, I was recruited by a British PR firm to serve as their Senior VP of Technology and CTO and to solve a major problem for them. In one year, I circumnavigated the globe several times visiting all of the operations in order to gain buy-in on my plan. Then, 9/11 happened, and the budget dried up and I once again turned entrepreneur except for this time, I turned serial entrepreneur. I launched built and sold eInternational. I launched built and sold a telecommunications franchise. I launched a brick and mortar telecommunications and managed IT services company and took it to 4.5M in three years. I then launched 2013, Data-force Corporation, a virtual software company that built and event management system on Salesforce for Canon North America. Then, in 2015, I launched Leatherneck Tech, a holding company. So, who do you want to be trained by – someone that learned their skills through a book or someone that actually did it in the field? It’s your call.

Six-week Coaching Series

This program is designed for the start-up or struggling professional that just needs a quick kick in the ass to get going and to get focused. This program is similar to my six-month program except I compress it all down into six weeks…can you handle it? 


What’s in MyTrainingCenters?

MyTrainingCenters is a comprehensive collection of some of the very best PLR available for learning all aspects of working on line in the Internet. We host subjects on lead generation, email-marketing, Facebook marketing, Social media in general, and the list goes on. Currently, we are in the process of developing a collection of our very own personal content built on our years of experience in industry, as and entrepreneur, and as an Internet Marketer. Join now and get in at the lowest price you will ever experience for the most comprehensive collection of titles you will ever need.

Available Training Programs

Our products include the following:

  • Social Media Income
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing Launchpad
  • Leadership Authority
  • Facebook Ads Authority
  • Facebook Live Authority
  • Affiliate Authority
  • Lead Generation Authority
  • List Authority
  • Sales Funnel Authority
  • Social Media Authority
  • Product Launch Authority
  • Membership Authority
  • Webinar Authority
  • Affiliate marketing Excellence
  • Video Marketing Excellence
  • Video Marketing Blueprint
  • List Building Kickstart
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Domination
  • Alibaba Profits System
  • Your e-Commerce Store
  • e-Commerce Fire Sale
  • Shopify Secrets
  • Passive Recurring Income Secrets
  • Shopify Blueprint
  • Vault Shopify Traffic
  • Ultimate Passive Income
  • Azon Income Master
  • Your Own Private Cloud Service
  • WordPress Fast Track 2.0
  • Learn How To Use WordPress
  • Instagram Traffic Tyrant
  • New Guide to SEO
  • YouTube Traffic Weapon
  • Internet Marketing for Newbies
  • MTC Bonuses and much more to come!!
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